Cloud Maaya's custom-tailored solutions leverage Amazon Web Services huge global infrastructure, a vast number of integrations with the third-parties, the faster pace of innovation with frequent product release cycles, and the most evolved and most functionality-rich services. AWS also provides very easy to use services for many complex and deep technical areas like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and IoT.

Google Cloud

By leveraging Google Cloud's vast number of tools, Cloud Maaya will modernize not just your IT stack, but all of your digital transformation needs. You can use our full range of products to create a collaborative, data-driven culture and better customer experiences. One of the advantages of Google Cloud Hosting is that their network is one of the biggest in the world!

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Maaya understands the strong footing of Microsoft based solutions (Windows Server and Active Directory) within many organizations. So we can easily play a role in helping you to transition to the cloud. Azure has more comprehensive compliance coverage and also offers hybrid consistency everywhere and makes the easier portability of workloads.

Training & Certifications

Cloud Maaya strongly believes that the continuous learning and training is very essential for organizations of all sizes and individuals to keep up with the accelerated pace of cloud technology. Cloud certification also has seen a huge demand in the job market as a way to exhibit competence and competitive edge over other. With online and one-on-one coaching with experts at Cloud Maaya, you will reach the goals quickly.

The Cutting Edge Cloud Computing Services Provider

We are highly dedicated, skilled, and certified professionals helping our customers manage their cloud infrastructure and reduce any risks and concerns they have about their IT services. We're here to embrace the change and help our clients with better customer experience through the blend of technology and innovation.

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About Cloud Maaya

Cloud Maaya is a service provider specialized in the design, implementation, and management of cloud-based solutions. Our team of experts gathers several certifications and works hand-in-hand with our customers, offering flexible, scalable and robust solutions tailored to each customers' specific business needs. Our experience allows us to help our customers at any stage of their cloud journey.

We provide intelligent engineering, migration, DevOps, and custom product development services. Our focus is on innovative, disruptive technologies such as cloud, virtualization, mobility, and collaboration. We support clients in defense, international trade, financial services, security, healthcare, life sciences, and retail.



Cloud Maaya to provide highest quality Cloud services at the lowest possible cost to enable our customers to be the best cloud consumers they can be.



Cloud Maaya to become an innovative and leading services provider in Cloud Computing in a diversified and broad spectrum of verticals that our customers can count on to stay ahead of the technology and the competition. By hiring top notch, customer obsessed, highly skilled professionals with real-world experience across many industries, Cloud Maaya can best face our customers business needs.


Core Values

At Cloud Maaya, we believe long-term planning and automation. We always strive to make our approach to Cloud Managed Services a more collaborative instead of outsourced with our focus on enablement and transformation.

Our Services

Cloud Maaya's cutting edge and custom tailored cloud computing solutions will transform and achieve your business objectives!

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Migration of complete systems from on-premise to a cloud provider or from one cloud provider to another. We consider several factors for optimal migration of your workloads including lift & shift, refactor, new platform, alternative SaaS offerings, retain some on-premise and retiring some unused systems. We strive for offering the best-fit cloud infrastructure for your cloud needs that not only meet the current business needs but also sets you up for the success with long-term goals for growth and sustainability. The project plan includes defining a clear migration plan to analyzing the organization readiness, applying the best practices, and migrating the workloads to the cloud.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Maaya provides skilled and certified resources that augment your in-house functionalities. IT infrastructure is managed in collaboration with a third-party managed cloud service provider via their cloud platforms. The services available in the Cloud Managed Services offering include the managed network operations, managed security operations, managed cloud, IT lifecycle management, and managed mobility and applications. Cloud Managed Services enable organizations to augment competences that they lack or to replace functions or processes that incurred huge recurring costs. These services optimize recurring in-house IT costs, transform IT systems and automate business processes allowing Cloud Managed Services customers to achieve their business objectives.

Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Cloud Maaya has strong experience in building enterprise-oriented applications, cloud-native architectures, and service-oriented frameworks. We have led many cloud computing product development projects successfully. We have tailored many service offerings from the major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud for improving the overall efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership further. Cloud Maaya is happy to take a flexible approach to deliver Cloud native products by not tying them to one platform, set of languages or even methodology, We can implement bespoke systems using whichever technologies are best placed to serve your organization./p>

Our Training

As the demand for cloud computing skills is increasing rapidly, there's never been a better time to learn cloud computing. Our training courses will help you build exciting skills for your career. Cloud Maaya leverages the advantages of both instructor-led and online training methods of learning for optimal learning by the trainees. Cloud Maaya also provides mechanisms to access the entire content including quizzes and assignments online through all web and mobile platforms.

All major cloud providers

Learn the ins and outs of the latest cloud-computing platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and more. Cloud Maaya’s training is uniquely developed and delivered to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies in the cloud. Our training programs are authored by many experienced, skilled, and certified cloud professionals who have many years of experience in the field. Our training program is very easy-to-digest and covers everything from fundamentals to deep-dive processes and techniques.

Instructor-led training

With Cloud Maaya's experienced instructors whether you are a beginner or very experienced IT professional, you can learn cloud computing much more effectively. Instructor-led training also allows for real-time feedback, questions and answers, manipulation and changeable delivery to suit the needs of learners in a real-time environment. Instructors available between the class sessions on a one-on-one basis to further help you to grasp the learning material.

Online training

Cloud Maaya also provides mechanisms to access the entire content including quizzes and assignments online anywhere using a computer, laptop, phone or tablet. Online learning provides fantastic flexibility, among other benefits, and aids in making the task of arranging development opportunities far easier.


We don't just train! We make you a master! You can earn certifications from all major cloud providers!

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